Oh Monday, you’d look so much better at the end of the week…


Argh… Mondays just suck.  There, I said it. Coming off a weekend that is never long enough, too much to get done in too little time, then there it is… Monday! It’s hard enough to get motivated to get out of bed just to go to work. The alarm sounds and I just want to bury my head under the covers and replay the night over again. So, how in the world do you get motivated to do any kind of physical activity when the mere thought of getting out of bed makes you wanna run and hide?

You just do it. That’s what I did. Came home from a busy day and all I wanted to do was go back to bed. Nobody home, all by myself, who would know if I didn’t work out?  YOU would!  And that is the reason I got my tired butt out and walked today.

During my walk, I even got in a little bit of a jog. Not a lot of distance, but, baby steps. I figure if I can do this much today, maybe tomorrow, I can do this much. Then the next day, a little more. I have found, especially with my stubborn ass body, it is imperative that I mix up my workouts. As much as I’d like to be regimented and have a schedule of what I’m going to do on what day, I simply cannot because before I realize it, my body will have adjusted to a pattern and I will plateau.

This girl isn’t happy when she plateaus. Just a warning.

This week will end, and speaking of the week ending, I have decided to change my weigh in day to Friday instead of Sunday. This way, I can be a little bad (just a little) if I want to on the weekends, while also having more time in my day (yea, more time… like I just mentioned above how little time I have…) to get in a better, longer, more solid workout.

Until next time, make each bite a healthy one… or at least most of them!


Noticing changes


Since I re-started my journey here a couple of weeks ago, I am noticing some changes in myself.  Not so much in the way clothes fit or I look (yet), but I am sleeping better and am getting to the point where I feel so much better after a workout.  The pain is not nearly as bad as it was, say day 3.

I didn’t blog last night (BAD GIRL), but I didn’t skip a workout.  I did my strength/flex, planked for 40 seconds and did 80 incline push ups.

Today’s challenge was to walk to the park and do a lap around the park (3/4 mile) then to the school to pick up my girls and walk home.  I walked over to the park, did 2-1/2 laps and walked home, so all in all, close to 3 miles (not quite). More than I have been doing when walking.  I feel good. Real good.

Weigh in is Sunday, we’ll see what that brings.  For now, I’m trying to stay focused on healthy eating and keeping the workouts going, looking for more challenges.  Please keep them coming!

Skipped a day, but oh, kiwi…


Oops, I skipped a day in both blogging and physical activity.  Yesterday was a rather stressful day.  All the more reason to find a way to work out and take out that aggression and frustration, but I just could not work it in. Probably just didn’t try hard enough. Simple as that.

Today, however, back on the plan.  Walked 2.5 miles this afternoon and it felt glorious!  Been watching my food intake, so I’m hoping for positive results on Sunday, but time will tell.

Oh, and I’ve discovered, thanks to one of my BFF’s that I now LOVE kiwi!  I can’t believe I’d never tried this delicious little piece of heaven.  I can eat a whole one easily (they aren’t that big), but delicious!

Short post tonight because I’m tired and was, yes, another stressful day.  I did what I needed to do though, so that’s the important part!

Til next time, my friends…

Week 2, Day 2


Today has been an anxious and exhilarating day.  I had to take a certification exam for Supply Management, and I have been dreading taking this test since June of last year.  I went through 48 online courses and countless hours of studying and reviewing and re-reviewing this material to prepare for today.  In short, I took the exam and I passed, so a huge weight and amount of stress that I’ve been bearing for the past 11 months has been lifted.  I can breathe now.

While preparing to take the exam today, I had to work out some of the anxiety.  What better way to counteract that anxiety than to work it out physically?  I’m up for that.

I was challenged by my husband to get on the bike and ride the distance that I normally walk.  As most of you know, 2 miles is not very difficult on a bike… at least not as difficult and taxing as walking it can be.  SO, I took it up a few notches and rode for 20 minutes, for a total of 5.6 miles.  This was before the exam.

After I took the exam and passed it, I was so full of energy, I decided to go out and walk.  I walked a mile today.  Not two as normal, but one, in addition to the miles I did on the bike.  I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished today… both physically, mentally and professionally.

I now feel like I can undertake many different challenges, and I’ve done ALL of this withOUT a gym!  Yes, I do have a gym membership, but trying to get TO the gym can sometimes be as challenging as doing the workout itself.

I’m trying to prove a point here.  I (You, too) can get active and lose weight by using things I (you) have around.  I highly recommend spending a few dollars on free weights or a kettle bell… whatever weight you’re comfortable with.  You can often times find these things at thrift stores or Goodwill if you don’t want to buy them new (though if you buy used, be sure to thoroughly sanitize!).  The recumbent bike I have?  I found it at Goodwill on their 50% off Saturday, so I paid $40 for it.  Go on Craigslist, find something used if you want.

And if you don’t want to do that, use your feet.  Use your body and the health and movement you DO have to your advantage.  If you don’t want to use weights, get some water bottles.  Those are 1 pound each.  If you need something heavier, fill a empty water bottle with sand or rocks, something to make it heavier.  You can start small and work your way up until you are no longer challenging yourself, then just continue to change up your routine and increase your flexibility and endurance.

When I first started exercising 4 years ago, I hated it.  After I had been at it for a few months, I grew to love it.  To crave it.  My body needed it to feel normal.  I want that feeling back, and I’m getting there… one challenging day at a time.

Tomorrow, I plan to up my strength/flex workout. My immediate goal is to get to planking for 1 minute and work in 100 push ups. Will I do that tomorrow?  Not likely, but in a few days, maybe another week, I will be there.  And it’s all because of YOU!

Today, and looking ahead


I had to get in some form of activity today. My body was calling for it. I answered. Kettle bell came out and I hit the strength/flex workout full on.

I am now able to plank for 35 seconds. Still not a lot, but almost double my original 20 seconds this time last week. Managed to get in 60 push ups as well (modified).

Had a healthy, fiber-full dinner and am looking forward to the week ahead. Still welcoming new challenges, as always.  Keep pushing me and testing me. I will give my all to prevail.

Week 2 begins. Week 1 results.


This has been a difficult week.  A lot of mental changes and adjustments, teaching myself to stay off the scale daily and let my body do what it needs to do for an entire week to show true change.

You may remember I was beating myself up a bit for indulging in Mexican food last night… the night before my weigh in.  I’m learning not to beat myself up for every bad decision I make.  If I can’t put a stop to that, I’ll be nothing short of a walking bruise.

Some things I’ve learned this week, and some I already knew…

1) DEFINITELY count on your support system to hold you accountable!  This is VITAL.  I can’t stress enough how much it helped me knowing I OWED you all something every day.

2) You can make a couple of not-so-good choices during a week and they won’t all come back to haunt you, if you can…

3) STAY OFF THE SCALE daily! I have mentioned before how this nasty habit would make or break my DAY, depending on what I would see that morning.  Believe it or not, this wasn’t as difficult to do as I thought it would be.

4) Hydration is KEY.  Hydrate before, during and after any workout.  Anything your body doesn’t need to keep itself fueled will be expelled, and that is always a good thing!

5) When you think you are “OK” with your physical activity for the week, don’t ever pass up a chance to go with a friend or partner if they ask and you can possibly make the time.  You never know if you have inspired that person or if they are trying to do their part to keep you motivated, but either way, it’s great for the both of you.

So, I suppose you want to know how I did this week at my weigh-in?  Maybe?  Just a little?  Well, I’m happy to report that my weight is DOWN 5.4 pounds from last Sunday.  THAT, my friends, is motivation to keep going!

Thank you, once and again, from the bottom of my heart for all of the support, encouragement, motivation and challenges.  Speaking of challenges, I need more this week.  Keep ’em coming.  I’ll get to them!

Day 7… Not a rest day, but…


Well, today started out ok.  I woke up feeling not so great, but after laying back down for a bit, I decided I needed to keep this body moving.  SO, I did venture out for a 1 mile walk and felt better.  However…

A little known fact about me, or maybe not so little known, is I have an addiction to Mexican food.  I was planning to make bean soup for dinner and silly me realized today was Cinco de Mayo, so we should go out for dinner.  Yes, tomorrow is weigh in day.  What was I thinking?  I have been able to eat Mexican and NOT overindulge, and that was the intention.  However, I failed today. I ate way too much and am now miserable and feel like I need a vacuum to suck all of the nastiness out of me.

I’m trying not to beat myself up but am finding that to be difficult.  We live, we learn, we have setbacks, but must press on.  It was ONE meal.  Just bad timing perhaps.