Tuesday, Tuesday…


Tuesday. Probably my least favorite day of the week. Why? Not really sure. Seems that a lot of bad things that have happened in my life seem to have happened on a Tuesday. But, it’s also too darn close to Monday.

Today was an especially hard Tuesday because it was my first day back to work after being off for almost 10 days. I opened myself up on Facebook last night to new challenges. I don’t want my workout routine to become routine and therefore, plateau.

My friend, R, challenged me to ride my recumbent bike for 30 minutes. This was the circuit. Ten minutes at 7 resistance, 5 minutes at 4, 10 minutes at 7 and 5 minute cool-off at 3. I have to tell you… I did it, but I was BEAT even before the first 10 minutes was done! I pushed through and completed the challenge.

This is what I need, folks. I need to be presented with challenges that go outside of the norm for me. Things I wouldn’t think to do on my own. This is what has worked and will continue to work for me.

I’ve posted this on Facebook, but as of last week, Week #5, I am down 12.6 pounds and 4-1/2 inches. I am keeping this up. I will see my goal one day and continue along on my journey because it won’t end at goal. That is where it all begins.


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  1. Okay, a challenge? Wait until I get home from work and we will take the girls to the park with us. You walk and I will walk and run. I know it is not much of a challenge, but it is one.

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