Activity Day!!!


Wow, I have to say, when I woke up this morning, I had no idea I would be doing so much activity!  I had all intentions of doing something, but hadn’t quite decided just what that would be.

Took the kids to Eagle Creek Park and did the fitness loop. We were not physically able to do all of the exercises on the trail, but we TRIED each and every one of them. Jogged when we were to jog between stations.

After that, came home and went with my youngest daughter over to the field to kick around the soccer ball.  Some other neighborhood kids joined us and we almost had a full on soccer game going for awhile. I lasted about 20-25 minutes, running up and down the field, kicking the ball, blocking, etc., and my baby girl wore me out.

Dinner tonight was sweet and sour turkey meatballs with corn on the cob, green beans and rolls.  Once we finished, we decided to go back to Eagle Creek, this time with hubby, and do the fitness loop again. This time, we just walked it, but it was another activity. Another walk, more movement.

I feel good, but completely exhausted tonight. I know I will sleep well! Vacation is coming up in less than 2 weeks and I’d like to be down a total of 15 pounds before we go. Somewhat lofty of a goal, since I’d have to lose 3 pounds each of the next 2 weeks, but if I don’t make that, it’s ok, I’m still losing. I just want to be able to enjoy myself and do things, and today showed me that, even with the extra weight I’m carrying around now, I CAN still be active with the kids and I don’t always have to walk. Sometimes, I can just play!


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