Skipped a day, but oh, kiwi…


Oops, I skipped a day in both blogging and physical activity.  Yesterday was a rather stressful day.  All the more reason to find a way to work out and take out that aggression and frustration, but I just could not work it in. Probably just didn’t try hard enough. Simple as that.

Today, however, back on the plan.  Walked 2.5 miles this afternoon and it felt glorious!  Been watching my food intake, so I’m hoping for positive results on Sunday, but time will tell.

Oh, and I’ve discovered, thanks to one of my BFF’s that I now LOVE kiwi!  I can’t believe I’d never tried this delicious little piece of heaven.  I can eat a whole one easily (they aren’t that big), but delicious!

Short post tonight because I’m tired and was, yes, another stressful day.  I did what I needed to do though, so that’s the important part!

Til next time, my friends…


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