Week 2, Day 2


Today has been an anxious and exhilarating day.  I had to take a certification exam for Supply Management, and I have been dreading taking this test since June of last year.  I went through 48 online courses and countless hours of studying and reviewing and re-reviewing this material to prepare for today.  In short, I took the exam and I passed, so a huge weight and amount of stress that I’ve been bearing for the past 11 months has been lifted.  I can breathe now.

While preparing to take the exam today, I had to work out some of the anxiety.  What better way to counteract that anxiety than to work it out physically?  I’m up for that.

I was challenged by my husband to get on the bike and ride the distance that I normally walk.  As most of you know, 2 miles is not very difficult on a bike… at least not as difficult and taxing as walking it can be.  SO, I took it up a few notches and rode for 20 minutes, for a total of 5.6 miles.  This was before the exam.

After I took the exam and passed it, I was so full of energy, I decided to go out and walk.  I walked a mile today.  Not two as normal, but one, in addition to the miles I did on the bike.  I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished today… both physically, mentally and professionally.

I now feel like I can undertake many different challenges, and I’ve done ALL of this withOUT a gym!  Yes, I do have a gym membership, but trying to get TO the gym can sometimes be as challenging as doing the workout itself.

I’m trying to prove a point here.  I (You, too) can get active and lose weight by using things I (you) have around.  I highly recommend spending a few dollars on free weights or a kettle bell… whatever weight you’re comfortable with.  You can often times find these things at thrift stores or Goodwill if you don’t want to buy them new (though if you buy used, be sure to thoroughly sanitize!).  The recumbent bike I have?  I found it at Goodwill on their 50% off Saturday, so I paid $40 for it.  Go on Craigslist, find something used if you want.

And if you don’t want to do that, use your feet.  Use your body and the health and movement you DO have to your advantage.  If you don’t want to use weights, get some water bottles.  Those are 1 pound each.  If you need something heavier, fill a empty water bottle with sand or rocks, something to make it heavier.  You can start small and work your way up until you are no longer challenging yourself, then just continue to change up your routine and increase your flexibility and endurance.

When I first started exercising 4 years ago, I hated it.  After I had been at it for a few months, I grew to love it.  To crave it.  My body needed it to feel normal.  I want that feeling back, and I’m getting there… one challenging day at a time.

Tomorrow, I plan to up my strength/flex workout. My immediate goal is to get to planking for 1 minute and work in 100 push ups. Will I do that tomorrow?  Not likely, but in a few days, maybe another week, I will be there.  And it’s all because of YOU!


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