Day 7… Not a rest day, but…


Well, today started out ok.  I woke up feeling not so great, but after laying back down for a bit, I decided I needed to keep this body moving.  SO, I did venture out for a 1 mile walk and felt better.  However…

A little known fact about me, or maybe not so little known, is I have an addiction to Mexican food.  I was planning to make bean soup for dinner and silly me realized today was Cinco de Mayo, so we should go out for dinner.  Yes, tomorrow is weigh in day.  What was I thinking?  I have been able to eat Mexican and NOT overindulge, and that was the intention.  However, I failed today. I ate way too much and am now miserable and feel like I need a vacuum to suck all of the nastiness out of me.

I’m trying not to beat myself up but am finding that to be difficult.  We live, we learn, we have setbacks, but must press on.  It was ONE meal.  Just bad timing perhaps.


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