Day 4 Challenge… Results?


Today was a rough day.  After some painful dental work yesterday, I was still very sore this morning.  Not to mention, all of the challenges I’ve been issued thus far are starting to make themselves known in my body.  However, like a trooper, I endure.

My challenge, as previously mentioned, was to repeat my Monday workout of 20 minutes strength/toning plus 10 minutes stretching/flexibility.  I DID IT!!  Funny thing was, as I began, I felt a sense of dread as I had such a hard time even moving around yesterday. I thought no way could my body handle this today.  But to my surprise, it actually made things feel better (except my mouth).

Plank… YES, I was able to increase that Monday time by 5 seconds… up to 25 seconds now.  Fridays goal is 30 seconds.

Push up… YES, I did another 40 off the wall.

My body is feeling so much better just after 4 days of this activity.  It’s usually times like yesterday, I would have given up by now because I’d be in so much pain and I’d jump on the scale to see no immediate results.  I, however, have stayed off that scale since Sunday.  I’ve only been able to stay off the scale for this amount of time on two other occasions… one being before I owned a scale, and the other being one time last year when I had hubby hide it.  I’m not even tempted now.  I want to give my body time to adjust to the changes and don’t expect to see immediate results.  It’s about changing the mindset, breaking the habit.

Since this is the first time I’ve really blogged while on pain meds, I think it’s time to end this one before I ramble on and on. Until tomorrow, when I am back to inform you of my 1 hour physical activity, best to you and THANK YOU!

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