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Heat… and other fun things


Wow, I just realized I haven’t blogged for six days! No worries, I haven’t fallen off my wagon, not at all. I’ve been so busy and have tried to cut my screen time, so I was updating my Facebook page and not blogging so much. I guess that can be good.

The past few days here in Indy have been HOT and BRUTAL. Very difficult to workout, but it’s no excuse. Activity must get done.

In case you don’t follow my FB page, to update you… This week’s weigh in was successful. I was down another 1.8 pounds, for a total of 10.6 in 4 weeks.  Additionally, I lost 3 inches off my waist and 1-1/2 inches off my hips. All in all, very good! And I’m keeping it off!

This is going to be a tough week. On Thursday, we leave for our Chicago/Green Bay trip. YES, I WILL eat pizza in Chicago. NO, I will NOT go overboard. The toughest part of any journey such as this is finding that balance between not depriving yourself and not going crazy and over-indulging. Chicago is THE place for pizza, in my opinion. So, I will indulge. I have already told hubby that no matter how hungry we feel when it’s time for dinner, we will order a small pizza and share it. Slowly chewing and savoring every bite will help to ensure neither of us overdo it. I don’t plan on undoing 4 weeks worth of hard work in 3 days… and believe me, this body I occupy is perfectly capable of just that.

We will be doing lots of walking while in the City overnight, and then at our hotel in Green Bay, there is a fitness center, so I know I plan on utilizing that as well. There will be a lot of time spent in the car those three days, but we plan to have fun, to live it up, and to keep on task. We’re both doing this and there’s no point in blowing it all.

For today, it is race day in Indy. I live in Speedway (Racing Capital of the World). I’m rather stuck in the house most of the day, unless I go anywhere on foot. After a light breakfast this morning, I went out and got my walk in, sweating like crazy, yet, trying to get it out of the way before the raging heat of the sun bears down. Came home, showered, made a healthy pasta salad for dinner to go with our steaks, salad and baked potatoes we will have later. Water has been crucial and plentiful today. It will likely interrupt my nap time. Nap??

Now, I am going to nap. I’m hot and it feels pretty damn good in this room with 2 fans blowing on me. Nap time while hubs works, then up to cook out and stand in front of a hot grill later. But that’s later.

Thanks for sticking with me. I cannot express how much your positive thougths, comments and encouragement keep me going. I’m accountable to you all, but first, to MYSELF!




Well, had great intentions today.  Came home after my daughter’s 6th grade graduation and decided it was time to go for a walk. I set out the door, turned the corner and BOOM! Fell straight to the ground. Tripped over I-don’t-know-what! Probably nothing, I’m clumsy like that.

This is going to be a short post because I’m in pain. I have road rash down the side of my leg and on my right arm and palms. I came home and rode the bike for 10 minutes. That was all I could stand. As time has gone by, the pain has gotten worse. Now feeling hurt in my hips, knee and almost every muscle in my body. Hey, I did something. Not much, but something. That is key!

Activity Day!!!


Wow, I have to say, when I woke up this morning, I had no idea I would be doing so much activity!  I had all intentions of doing something, but hadn’t quite decided just what that would be.

Took the kids to Eagle Creek Park and did the fitness loop. We were not physically able to do all of the exercises on the trail, but we TRIED each and every one of them. Jogged when we were to jog between stations.

After that, came home and went with my youngest daughter over to the field to kick around the soccer ball.  Some other neighborhood kids joined us and we almost had a full on soccer game going for awhile. I lasted about 20-25 minutes, running up and down the field, kicking the ball, blocking, etc., and my baby girl wore me out.

Dinner tonight was sweet and sour turkey meatballs with corn on the cob, green beans and rolls.  Once we finished, we decided to go back to Eagle Creek, this time with hubby, and do the fitness loop again. This time, we just walked it, but it was another activity. Another walk, more movement.

I feel good, but completely exhausted tonight. I know I will sleep well! Vacation is coming up in less than 2 weeks and I’d like to be down a total of 15 pounds before we go. Somewhat lofty of a goal, since I’d have to lose 3 pounds each of the next 2 weeks, but if I don’t make that, it’s ok, I’m still losing. I just want to be able to enjoy myself and do things, and today showed me that, even with the extra weight I’m carrying around now, I CAN still be active with the kids and I don’t always have to walk. Sometimes, I can just play!

So it’s Wednesday


Middle of the week, now two days until weigh in.  Things are going relatively well, aside of the wonderful upper respiratory infection that decided to take up residence in my body.

I wasn’t able to work out yesterday, but I did manage to get in a little bit of activity today. It was not easy, but nothing good ever is, right? At least that’s what they say.

So, Wednesday, all in all, you were a decent day. I’m hoping to feel much better tomorrow so I can get some work done at work and get in a decent round of physical activity before Friday mornings weigh in.

I’ll be in touch! Keep it healthy!

Oh Monday, you’d look so much better at the end of the week…


Argh… Mondays just suck.  There, I said it. Coming off a weekend that is never long enough, too much to get done in too little time, then there it is… Monday! It’s hard enough to get motivated to get out of bed just to go to work. The alarm sounds and I just want to bury my head under the covers and replay the night over again. So, how in the world do you get motivated to do any kind of physical activity when the mere thought of getting out of bed makes you wanna run and hide?

You just do it. That’s what I did. Came home from a busy day and all I wanted to do was go back to bed. Nobody home, all by myself, who would know if I didn’t work out?  YOU would!  And that is the reason I got my tired butt out and walked today.

During my walk, I even got in a little bit of a jog. Not a lot of distance, but, baby steps. I figure if I can do this much today, maybe tomorrow, I can do this much. Then the next day, a little more. I have found, especially with my stubborn ass body, it is imperative that I mix up my workouts. As much as I’d like to be regimented and have a schedule of what I’m going to do on what day, I simply cannot because before I realize it, my body will have adjusted to a pattern and I will plateau.

This girl isn’t happy when she plateaus. Just a warning.

This week will end, and speaking of the week ending, I have decided to change my weigh in day to Friday instead of Sunday. This way, I can be a little bad (just a little) if I want to on the weekends, while also having more time in my day (yea, more time… like I just mentioned above how little time I have…) to get in a better, longer, more solid workout.

Until next time, make each bite a healthy one… or at least most of them!

Noticing changes


Since I re-started my journey here a couple of weeks ago, I am noticing some changes in myself.  Not so much in the way clothes fit or I look (yet), but I am sleeping better and am getting to the point where I feel so much better after a workout.  The pain is not nearly as bad as it was, say day 3.

I didn’t blog last night (BAD GIRL), but I didn’t skip a workout.  I did my strength/flex, planked for 40 seconds and did 80 incline push ups.

Today’s challenge was to walk to the park and do a lap around the park (3/4 mile) then to the school to pick up my girls and walk home.  I walked over to the park, did 2-1/2 laps and walked home, so all in all, close to 3 miles (not quite). More than I have been doing when walking.  I feel good. Real good.

Weigh in is Sunday, we’ll see what that brings.  For now, I’m trying to stay focused on healthy eating and keeping the workouts going, looking for more challenges.  Please keep them coming!

Skipped a day, but oh, kiwi…


Oops, I skipped a day in both blogging and physical activity.  Yesterday was a rather stressful day.  All the more reason to find a way to work out and take out that aggression and frustration, but I just could not work it in. Probably just didn’t try hard enough. Simple as that.

Today, however, back on the plan.  Walked 2.5 miles this afternoon and it felt glorious!  Been watching my food intake, so I’m hoping for positive results on Sunday, but time will tell.

Oh, and I’ve discovered, thanks to one of my BFF’s that I now LOVE kiwi!  I can’t believe I’d never tried this delicious little piece of heaven.  I can eat a whole one easily (they aren’t that big), but delicious!

Short post tonight because I’m tired and was, yes, another stressful day.  I did what I needed to do though, so that’s the important part!

Til next time, my friends…