Day 2 Challenge – 20mins Strength/Toning + 10mins Stretching/Flexibility


Here it is, day #2.  I was presented with a couple of different challenges for today, so I decided to combine them.

My first challenge, again by my friend “K”, was as mentioned above: 20 minutes of Strength training/Toning plus 10 minutes of Stretching/Flexibility.  I was also challenged by my friend “B” to workout with my kettle bell three times this week.  I thought it made sense to combine these 2 challenges into one.

I know… you wanna know… did I do it?  Was I able to get in these 30 minutes after walking 2 miles for my first challenge yesterday?  Was I already discouraged and ready to give up because it’s too hard to work for it?  Well, I DID IT!  And I must say, I feel pretty darn good about it.  Here are some of the highlights of what I was able to accomplish during this workout:

– Planking… ok, so I was only able to hold for 20 seconds, but a PLANK I DID DO!

– Push ups… on the wall, I did a total of 40 (2 sets of 20)

– Deterred a headache… during my stretching routine which, admittedly, I am not good at remembering to do and that is a big NO-NO, I felt tension in the back of my neck.  As I rolled my head around and found the tight spot in my neck, I held position and let it work itself out.

For now, I can say the kettle bell has not killed me.  Will I have something different to say tomorrow?  Likely.

Routine for the rest of this week is as follows, thanks to those of you who have presented me with challenges:

Tuesday: 2 mile walk + 20 minutes on the bike (challenge is 1 hour physical activity)

Wednesday: Repeat of today’s workout or some variation (challenge is kettle bell 3x this week – time #2)

Thursday: 3 mile walk along the canal (challenge is 1 hour physical activity)

Friday: Repeat of today’s workout or some variation (challenge is kettle bell 3x this week – time #3)

My goal for Wednesday and Friday workouts is to increase my planking time by 5 seconds, so hopefully by Friday, I can hold for 30 seconds.  I figure I’ve gotta have a goal for myself as well.  Keeps it interesting.

I still need suggestions for the weekend, and definitely need encouragement and support to keep this up.  I AM going to WIN this fight.

For those of you who may not know, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 13 years ago, and I’m not going to let it crawl back up my ass and bring me down with it.  I will fight, to the END, I will fight!

Though I’ve only mentioned my end goal in this blog (almost 100 pounds), I do have smaller, achievable goals along the way.  I see the big picture, but I’m taking it one frame at a time.  First goal: 10 pounds.  Reward: New workout pants/shorts.  Let’s just leave it there for now and see what happens.

Well, I am a hot, sweaty, stinky, crime scene of a mess right now, so I must hit the shower.  THANK YOU for taking the time to read my jabber and for all of the encouragement!

To better health!


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